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Lara Janessa Mateo, known as Lara by her PS, GS, HS friends, and office colleagues, Nessa by college friends, colleagues and family members, Janessa by some of her first degree family members, and Misa by Pinoy Neopians and Laranessa by anonymous twitter friends and RX931 rushers. She graduated from the University of Santo Tomas in 2011, yet marched on year 2012. Interested in various fields, she identifies herself as a Cosmic Horn , i mean, uh..a person interested in most things, but not everyone. She tries to find good in everyone and everything except drugs and the not-so-secret-and-elite society (if you know what that is). Likes some person with two Biblical names on his first name while not telling it starts with T and..oh my goodness it’s his nickname. Has the fastest facial expression shift (as told by others). Likes games, manga, geeky, tech and trivial stuff, music, radio programs The Morning Rush with Chico, Delle & Gino and The Big Meal with Cj & Suzy jokes, and loves successful pick-up lines.


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